Centralized Registration
registration Centralized Registration will be on
Wednesday, June 6 from 9am - 7pm 
Thursday, June 7 from 9am - 7pm
Friday, June 8 from 8am - 12pm 
There will not be registrations at each building at the beginning of the year! 

See the letter below that was sent home with your child on 5/7. 

May 7, 2018
Dear District 118 Family,

For the upcoming 18-19 school year, we are rolling-out the first District 118 Centralized Registration at David S. Palmer Arena (Civic Center). All K-12 students will be registered at the same time and at the same place!  It will be held:

Wednesday, June 6 from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday, June 7 from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday, June 8 from 8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

On May 12th, we will mail your child(ren)’s registration packet(s) to you.  By receiving this packet in the mail, your proof of residency requirement is met.  If you are unsure if Mark Denman has your correct mailing address, please call us at 217-444-3200 to confirm. Arriving with your completed packet will allow you to move through registration quickly!  If you come to registration without your packet, you will need to prove residency prior to registering your child. To prove residency, you must provide:

Category I (One Document required)   

  • Most recent property tax bill & proof of payment
  • Mortgage papers (homeowners)
  • Signed & dated lease & proof of last month’s payment, e.g, canceled check or receipt (renters)
  • Letter from manager & proof of last month’s payment, e.g, canceled check or receipt (trailer park residents)
  • Letter of residence from landlord in lieu of lease (7:60-AP2, E1)
  • Letter of residence to be used when the person seeking to enroll a student is living with a District resident (7:60-AP2, E2)

    Category II (Two Documents showing proper address are required)   

  • Valid driver’s license / state ID
  • Vehicle registration
  • Voter registration
  • Most recent cable television and /or credit card bill
  • Current public aid card
  • Current homeowners/renters insurance policy and premium payment receipts
  • Most recent gas, electric, and /or water bill
  • Current library card

 If you have any questions when completing your packet, please call us and we will be glad to assist you.